Pellet Stove fitted Longford

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This Tepor 6.9kw stove fitted in apartment in Longford town.

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Smokey House Coal

Posted: January 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

The use of smokey house coal in stoves, is lethal. I visited a house yesterday,  a Stanley Oisin was spewing out black smut throughout the sitting, living and kitchen. The homeowner hadn’t a clue why. The first question I asked was, are you burning house coal.  Yes she said, but only for last 12 months. When i looked inside stove there was a large burned out hole in the baffle, which had buckled and was welded to roof of stove, blocking the flue outlet by 90%. Just have a look at the amount of soot.

Todays relining in Kinnegad with the “Thermo Setting glass fibre” system. Suitable for all types of chimneys, 8″, 9″ 10″ 12″ liners, Brick built chimneys, square or rectangular,  or a mixture of both. Being able to withstand  extreme temperatures up to 1300°,  its advantages far outweigh  replacing with traditional clay liners or pumice and even stainless steel. 

Also eliminating a messy invasive operation, which may take days of disruption and necessitate redecoration, the “Thermosetting ”  can generally be completed in approx 5/6 hours with little fuss. 

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​This week’s pride of place goes to    “Stove & Chimney SOotLUTIONS”    stove installation in Roscrea. A Henley 10kw Oslo with external air feed, supplied by Smiths Hardware Mullingar .  For sales, installations, problem solving and professional chimney cleaning contact me, Nick @  0879501001