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An open fire in this house near kilcock, failed to work properly for its new owners. There were many reasons, not least the 2 to 3 metre horizontal travel, the large inglenook type ope and the overpowering presence of trees around the house.
Fitting a stove seemed like a good idea, however the long horizontal travel problem would still exist. We decided on erecting an independent twin wall flue system.


As a top exit to stove was not an option I had to suggest we  run with a 60cm horizontal travel to a 90 degree tee piece. Normally I would not countenance such an installation, but as this room is so so cold , my client asked if there was any way of compromising. I recommended the terminal be fitted out with a fluecube. My good friend Asley Martin has been having huge success with this product on solving the unsolveable problems.


I ran a smoke and draw test this evening , with weather conditions not very favourable to producing a good draw, and wow, it worked superbly.
As you can see from photo, the fluecube is surrounded by overpowering trees.

Here we show a standard fireope transformed to receive a stove. The chimney has been relined with a flexible flue and insulated.
The stove is not connected yet, and will not be until timber surround is replaced with marble surround and wood floor to front of hearth removed and replaced with non combustible material to comply with fire and building regs.




The Inis Meain boiler stove is Irish made , with many features not found in other stoves of its capacity. With a nominal output of 20 kw (12.5 to water) , double doors, triple air supply operated from one dial and a unique clearway for easy chimney cleaning, this stove has now become our best selling unit.
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