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My customer in Naas had the intelligence to realise that the so called professional fitter who installed his stove and flexi liner, wasnt all he was made out to be. When we inspected we found that the flexi flue was inserted upside down, a proper connection to stove outlet didnt exist. In actual fact he used the adaptor at the terminal instead of a chimney cap, packed round it with rock wool and that was it. You can see from the image that the quality of flexi was probably at the very bottom end. The near end of the flexi was left just sitting on the stove. 

These two stoves, previously  installed by some istallation company , a few years back, yielded nothing 

only problems and safety issues for the home owners. My team removed both stoves, made new safe and secure connections to 904 grade flexi flues, insulated chimneys and introduced a register plate in the free standing stove.

Totally confident that this family will not know themselves this coming winter.

If you feel you have concerns or issues with your stove installation,  dont hesitate in having it investigated. It can be a major health issue. 

Contact Nick 0879501001 

We removed this outdated surround and cast iron yesterday.


Replaced it with E marfil Danube surround, from Heat Design with black granite hearth, back panel and Charnwood SLX 20i. Relined chimney with 904 s/s flexi flue and insulated. No disruption and complteted in 7 hours.


When called out to investigate poor draw, smut emissions etc, it was easy to identify the problem. The rear flue pipe travelled about 20cms into an existing fireope of about 60cms x 45cms x 35cms, and with a poorly constructed soot door , problems were increased.


We removed the stove , sealed up fireope and soot box and transferred the flue exit to the top, connecting to 904 grade  flexi.


This Henley Druid Boiler stove fitted in Rochfortbridge, looks amazing and is performing very well.  As a result of a chimney fire, the householder sought my advice as to what to do. An old fashioned back boiler was removed in addition to a White carrara marble off centre decorative mantlepiece. The chimney was relined using grade 904 flexi flue. The tastefully positioned extended protective hearth really highlights the attractiveness and the need to adhere to combustible distances.