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Todays relining in Kinnegad with the “Thermo Setting glass fibre” system. Suitable for all types of chimneys, 8″, 9″ 10″ 12″ liners, Brick built chimneys, square or rectangular,  or a mixture of both. Being able to withstand  extreme temperatures up to 1300°,  its advantages far outweigh  replacing with traditional clay liners or pumice and even stainless steel. 

Also eliminating a messy invasive operation, which may take days of disruption and necessitate redecoration, the “Thermosetting ”  can generally be completed in approx 5/6 hours with little fuss. 

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This lovely  mantlepiece failed to deliver a  satisfactory open fire  function due to the oversize firechamber not having proportioned flue size. My client even installed a chimney topfan to assist. Still to no avail. We fitted a Vitae 11kw cassette  stove, with crema marfil matching bottom  panel, relined chimney with 904 flexi flue and insulated. 




Today literally took the biscuit, as you might say. First call today was an open fire. Before brushing I checked the flueway with mirror and light. The owner was beside me. I asked him how long since last clean, as it was seriously congested. It could be 3 years he said. I decided that it required a power sweep. The second I switched on motor a deluge started coming down. I could hear my vacuum  coming under pressure. I asked him again about how long since last clean , maybe it was 5 years he said.  By the time I had completed the clean he thinks it may not have been cleaned since the house was built 10 years ago. The quantity of soot collected definitely points towards ten. He felt embarrased about the whole thing and especially since he had no Carbon Monoxide detector fitted. I told him that he and his family were very lucky.
Next stop another open fire. This house had a tenant,  who was living there for 6 years. The chimney had never been cleaned while she lived there. Another potentially dangerous situation.


The importance of cleaning your chimney at least once a year and also having a Quality Carbon Monoxide alarm (as shown) cannot be stressed half often enough.
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Got a call aa few weeks ago from a gentleman in Ferbane Co. Offaly, who was experiencing a poor draw from his stove, fitted three years ago, and had been working perfectly until now.  The stove was installed with a flexi flue in a large brick built chimney in an old house. He told me that the installers had a difficult job, having to open up the chimney breast , to coax the flexi down. The chimney had not been swept since installed, and as he was using good quality fuels, my fear was that there may have been a chance that the flexi may have travelled in a horizontal position, even over a short distance.  This proved to be the case, I think, as at a particular point in my delicate power sweep ,  a deluge of soot came down.