My name is Nicholas Cooney and my company STOVE & CHIMNEY Solutions Ltd. offer the householder a totally new dimension in Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance. I also provide you a professional service whereby I can offer advice on the safety benefits of having a fully trained and certified chimney sweep, one who has completed the course with The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.

This course is an intensive learning process in this modern world of various appliances and fuels. The qualified sweep is trained to also inspect the condition of appliances and chimneys and flues. This is so important now especially coming into possibly the third most severe winter on record. The past two winters have shown how vulnerable we are to these hard conditions and wear and tear on appliances increases dramatically owing to the fact that incorrect fuels are often used, chimneys not cleaned often enough and cresote allowed to build on liners, which is highly combustible.

In addition to above the qualified chimney sweep will have knowledge of the following related matters. Carbon Monoxide (CO) , damaged or incorrectly installed appliances and chimneys. The combustion equation, cresote formation and minimising its formation,flue gas temperatures,correct appliance sizing and fuel load,air controls and effect, moisture content of wood and derivatives.

The remit of a qualified and trained chimney sweep is to be fully conversant with solid fuel, oil and gas guidelines,  Insurance requirements, responsibility, liability , certification and documentation findings.

The Master Chimney Sweep will also have knowledge of Chimney Physics. The explanation of draught and flow, stack effect, working height and diameter of flues. In addition to this there are areas regarding down draughts, back syphonage, flue draught measurement theory, ventilation and competition for air.

The Master Chimney Sweep will have completed a practical course on all of the following ; Steel Chimney systems, Brick Chimneys, Pumice Chimneys, Ceramic Chimneys, Flue Pipes and Flexible S/S flues.

  1. Brian Geraghty says:

    I had a Henley Achill stove installed into my house last week. House is a bungalow, and 45 years old. The fitter told me that there was no need for a flexi flue. However after talking to friends who have stoves, they tell me it is a necessity.
    At this stage i want one in, but am reluctant to use the services of the retailer i used and would rather a specialist do it. My question is,is this a service you offer? and also what would cost be. I live in Dunboyne, Meath.
    Kind regards,

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