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Horror Story Season 2019

Posted: August 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

Came across a seriously dangerous installation , yesterday.  It was a Stanley erin boiler stove,  the soul source of heating in this 2 storey semi D house.  The chimney breast was constructed with timber frame. Picture the lintel in timber just 125mm above stove.  When you look in to ope created you could see the floorbooards upstairs. Off the top of stove, fitted directly into collar was a flexi flue.  Vertical for about 150mm then bent to form a 60 degree bend approx, taking it into existing chimney cavity. On the direct opposite wall to the flexi entry point was a soot door.


Chimney Cleaning Season

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It’s getting in to full swing. To prevent any delays call Nick 0879501001.

Chimney Cleaning

Stove Servicing




Carbon Monoxide assessment


This wonderful castle built in the 1700s near Clonfert in Co Galway, has been tastefully restored. There are currently 2 stoves installed and an open fire. I cleaned the chimneys and stoves and checked all for viability. I also offered advice on types of fuel and ventilation.

Chimney Cleaning

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This is the ideal time for having your chimneys cleaned and inspected. Also for having your stoves descaled and serviced . Call Nick 0879501001

Fully trained and certified.