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These two stoves, previously  installed by some istallation company , a few years back, yielded nothing 

only problems and safety issues for the home owners. My team removed both stoves, made new safe and secure connections to 904 grade flexi flues, insulated chimneys and introduced a register plate in the free standing stove.

Totally confident that this family will not know themselves this coming winter.

If you feel you have concerns or issues with your stove installation,  dont hesitate in having it investigated. It can be a major health issue. 

Contact Nick 0879501001 

What a dangerous installation.

My clients in Mountmellick are counting their blessings that no serious injury, at minimum,  was experienced in their household with this unsafe install. A 30kw boiler stove with a horizontal flue pipe of about 300mm literary shoved into an  opening in the wall with no 45* bend created, no adaptor to flue and no consideration for safety or regulations. 

Thankfully , all is well now.

If you have any concern about your install, especially if it looks in any way like this with flue exit from back, Call Nick    0879501001, or if you need any of my professional services, such as stove problem solving, chimney cleaning, carbon monoxide assessment,  poor chimney draw, fuel and ventilation advice or consultation on any other issue or concern you may have.

Our client in Castlejordan having bought this surround in a sales rooms required a specialist to partly restore and retrofit to newly built restrictive chimney breast. Having made, I think she said 10 phone calls, she eventually found us, to her total delight and satisfaction.

For projects as specialised as this, stove problem solving, chimney cleaning, consultations or any issue you may have with your chimney, CALL   NICK.   0879501001