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Got called out to Tullamore to solve a smoke back spillage problem. There was a Boru boiler stove installed in a relatively new house, with the glass completely blackened with a solid residue.
Flue taken from top, normal enough, extended vertical for about 600mm , normal enough, no inspection door, two 45* vertical off sets, and then a 90* to left. It travelled approx 600mm to left entering soot box area, which measured about 600mm x 200mm x 300mm. From top of this area  commenced clay liners vertical rise. One would wonder how this type of installation was  passed by an engineer.
The stove interior, clay liners and soot box area was caked with tar. The tar being a direct result of using wet turf, (moisture content in excess of 39%) also fresh wood with moisture content in excess of 35% and the combination of too many off sets and large area for smoke expansion.  Also the householder was not fully conversant with the use of the air controls and in particular the air wash.
On inspection of the chimney breast in the attic, there was very evident seepage stains on the  blockwork , which seemed to extend down below ceiling joists. On inspection of the bedroom directly underneath, a large staining had manifested itself  on the dry lining of the chimney breast, indicating that it was seeping through blockwork, (plasterwork ?) and plasterboard.
There is sufficient reason to assume there is a breach or several breaches in the clay liners and warrants a full internal investigation.
The room housing the stove has sufficient ventilation, but a major problem facing us all is how to make the flue compliant, as it is back to back with another flue and the owners are not anxious to disturb the very fine brickwork chimney breast.
I was left with no option but to declare this a “hazardous” situation.