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Called out to investigate why smoke was billowing back into room. Sent probe up flexi liner only to meet an obstruction, sounding like a light gauge metal. Sent camera up to see what it was, aware that there was a heavy gauge bird guard in terminal and knowing that it definitely wasn’t this that was fouling. The camera revealed an object, but couldnt identify it. Today my roof man investigated. There to his dismay was a heavily soot congested gas cowl pushed down into the flexi. This original reline job had been carried out by a builder. What was he thinking about. He definitely didn’t have a clue.

Yesterday and today I completed chimney cleans , a job that had not been done in either case for 7 years. Really , what do people expect from their heating appliances. One had a Rayburn cooker, the other a Fionn Waterford boiler stove.
Both appliances were jam packed with soot & tar. Hopefully now they will start in a new regime if at least one certified clean per year.

This is the inside of a Mulberry boiler stove, not yet 3 years fitted. Totally congested as a result of burning high moisture content turf,  and a big wonder how it worked at all. The owner said he had a chimney cleaner in last year, but he had not removed the manifold , as I did.
Its very important to employ a trained, qualified and certified chimney sweep.


This beautiful polished black granite fire surround tones in perfectly with the original black granite back panel and hearth. We advise our clients on choosing materials & designs and we also source best value for them.

Problem flue no. 4

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Boiler stove fitted with flexi strapped directly onto top collar of stove and bent roughly in 2x45s to connect to reducing adaptor. There are very noticeable heat marks appearing on the flexi. Sorry no image.