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Recently I undertook a chimney clean for a new customer in Athlone. As I would normally do , I asked a few questions about fuel usage and chimney cleaning frequency. She informed me that she had her chimney cleaned every year for the ten years she was in the house. Sounded good to me, until I took a quick examination of the flue before cleaning. Right on the first flue liner which was sitting awkwardly on the flue gatherer was a very large deposit of Builders mortar, occupying approx 20% to 25% of the volume of the liner.

With an amount of force I managed to dislodge this deposit which weighed in the region of 1.5 kilo or more. I showed it to my customer and she was gobsmacked that this was never previously brought to her attention. When I asked her why she had called me on this occasion she said that the previous chimney sweep was in and out in ten minutes which made her feel a little worried and when she saw my advert displaying trained and certified qualifications, she felt that this was the route for her.

Thankfully she was a very light user of this open fire as she worked mainly night shifts. However, it does go to show that there are totally untrained , unscrupulous chimney sweeps taking customers hard earned money without carrying out a proper job.

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