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This very sophisticated stove system in Raharney, Co. Westmeath was a change from the regular stove cleaning carried out by us. There were two other similar stoves fitted in this particular house, all fitted by German Engineers. So if you require information on cleaning this unique flue system, just give us a call on 0879501001 or contact us through our webpage.

Heat Exchange Stove

Cleaning a Kalfire Stove

We recently completed this stove installation in Ballymahon, Co. Longford. The room is not particularly wide, however there was still a requirement to comply with building and fire regulations regarding the distance to combustible material. Taking this into consideration we designed and installed  the new granite hearth which we feel compliments the room while complying to the regulations.

Stove Installation

Popular 8kw Stove


New Hearth Design Drawing

For more information on stove installation or building and fire regulations contact us on 0879501001 or have a look at our webpage.

An open fire can burn at 10k/w with a 20% efficiency – meaning 8k/w of heat energy is keeping the 8″ clay liner chimney warm and keeping the flue gases rising. In comparison a modern 5k/w multi-fuel stove such as the Precision 1 is 84.3% efficient meaning only losing 785 watts (0.785k/w) to the chimney, this is not enough heat to keep flue gases rising in a cold masonary chimney or a cold 8″ clay lined chimney. This is only one of the Many reasons why we want to re-line a chimney with a smaller diametre flexible liner and back fill this with Vermiculite insulation.

We installed this Nestor Martin Stove before finishing up for Christmas in a 1960’s farm bungalow.  The chimney itself had 9″ clay liners which was quite unusual. The brickwork was supported over the opening with heavy gauge angle iron which presented some problems which we had to overcome. Overall we are very pleased with the stove installation and most importantly our clients were very satisfied with our stove installation service.

Nestor Martin Stove

Existing Fireplace

Nestor Martin Stove

Sealing the Fire Opening

Nestor Martin Stove

Flue Fitted

Stove installed

Stove installed

For more information on Stove Installation, Call 0879501001, 0449374339 or contact us through our website.