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“The boiler filled the house with carbon monoxide. We were so fortunate that it happened when we were out of the house. If it had happened when myself, my husband and our 1 year old son were asleep, we would not be here today.”

Make sure your family are protected with a CO alarm. Get a qualified and fully trained Chimney Sweep to do an assessment when they are cleaning your chimney.

Cleaned a chimney and serviced a solid fuel cooker today for a new customer. I called back tonight for payment.They told me they could not believe how clean the kitchen was after me, how there was no smell of soot and no damage.

I couldn’t believe the experience they recalled to me of untrained chimney sweeps, 2 different outfits in the past 2 years. One of them was messy, ignorant and arrogant , while the replacement they hired the following year caused damage beyond belief. Damage that could havecaused a fatality only it was discovered in time. The lesson to be learned is that people who pay their hard earned money for a service should always consider that a trained and professional operator (in this case a chimney sweep) should be the first choice