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Recently completed the transformation from an inefficient open fire Wraparound Boiler to sleek Tr 45 Trianco Inset stove and Marble fireplace with Granite Hearth and Back Panel.

This stove fitted 14 years ago in a cottage/one & half storey house, to a brick built chimney approx 3 feet wide . Chimney never cleaned, stove never serviced. No access to top of very poorly designed and non existing sealed register plate. As you can see from flue , it just went through hole in plate and everything for the past 14 years just gathered and lay there. The baffle plate tells its own story. Three bags in the Vacuum and 6 buckets of soot and tar and everything else besides, made for a very interesting morning.

Villager Stove Problem

Not at its Best

Villager Stove Service

Villager Stove Service

Villager Stove Service

Baffle Plate Removed


If your stove looks like this or if you are having trouble with a smoking stove problem then call Stove & Chimney Sootlutions on 0879501001.


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