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Posted: June 28, 2012 in Misc, Stove Serviceing

Serious damage is being caused to chimneys beause of the torrential rain that has fallen, especially those not in use.

Ireland is getting so much varied weather in the last two/three years householders do not realise the amount of unseen damage that is being created and from my experience they are not being told by their regular chimney sweeps . Just yesterday I answered a call from a man who was having a very serious leakage of cresote/tar from a very poorly positioned soot door. He told me that he had his chimney cleaned regularly by a local untrained sweep, who came in , spent just minutes in the house , semed to push some rods and brush up the flue, collected his money and left. What I discovered  was an incredible amount of caked tar in the sump, which must be accumulating for years, and it was so bad the inner section of the soot door had to be beaten into place with a hammer by the previous chimney sweep. Why he did not bring this hazardous situation to the notice of the householder is beyond me, but maybe its not beyond me , as I see similiar problems in lots of houses I work in where an untraind chimney sweep has been earning his crust for years. I am often outspoken about too much regulation, however when there is no regulation at all , especially where peoples lives are at risk that is a differet matter and needs to be addresssed.


Posted: June 13, 2012 in Misc

Paid my usual annual visit to Hearth & Home Exhibition in Harrogate. Nice to meet all the guys from the Sure Fire centre where I trained last year. As I was the first Irish Trained Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, I would like to welcome George, the second Irishman to our organisation.